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Silent Words

Why you ignore those silent words; my heart was asking  me

I don’t want to hurt myself; this was my reply to myself

Daily at night I ask many questions to myself

But the answers which I have; I don’t want to tell  me

There is no one who completely knows me

Except my solitude, the darkness of my room and me


I fear from that moment

When my words will become just words

I fear from that moment

When I will not able to give words to my thoughts

I fear from that moment

When my mind will start endless battle with my heart

I fear from that moment

When I will leave it (my heart) alone

“I wish these moment will never come in my life”


Sometimes I want to hear the unspoken words

Sometimes I want to shout the words without characters

Sometimes I want to read the books without sentences

Sometimes I hate the loudness of silence

Sometimes I lost myself somewhere inside me

Sometimes I like to sleep with open eyes

Sometimes I like to walk with closed eyes