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They were two strangers for each other and now they are two strangers for each other but the journey from “were” to “are” is unforgettable, at least for both of them or be may be for one of them. They have never told their story to anyone because they haven’t anything to share. John Keats says “Touch has a memory” but “sigh” they even didn’t have this memory. Senseless, enigmatic, paradoxical, childish (because it was pure), these were all the adjectives they have used for their relationship or maybe I didn’t use the correct word here I should have to say “attachment” instead of “relationship” because I believe relationship is really a big word and we should have to think many times before using it.

The psychology tells to us that we only think about those people who are connected to us through any means and about those people who don’t exist. But here in their case they are strangers but still they used to think about each other. I can’t understand what they have in between, may be they have used those “adjectives” [Senseless, enigmatic, paradoxical] very accurately.