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After a long time again I am here, writing something from the abstract portion of my brain. I don’t know what exactly I wanna say today but I will try my best to put my thoughts in easiest words. Suppose there is a broken glass on your floor and you can see the sharp edges of the pieces of that broken glass. Now if you will try to put your barefoot on those pieces of broken glass then what will happen?  I am sure you will hurt your foot in this way.  Now change the scene, there is same broken glass on the floor and you want to put your bare foot on those pieces of broken glass but this time you are convincing yourself that nothing will happen and these small pieces of glass can’t hurt you so if this time you will put your barefoot on these pieces then what will happen?  Would you feel any change or anything less painful than the first time, I guess no, not at all. You know why I have wrote these stupid lines here, because I wanna  let myself know that no matter how strong you think you are and no matter how strong wall you have created around yourself  but the things which are tailored to hurt you will surely hurt you. You can fool yourself for a short period of time but whenever you will look inside,  you will find all the lies which you have told to yourself ,  just to make yourself calm laughing on you.