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Incomplete by Zeeshan Sattar
Incomplete, a photo by Zeeshan Sattar on Flickr.

کبھی فرصتیں جو نصیب ہوں
چلے آنا، میرے پاس تم
ہیں ادھورے کتنے معاملے
میری ذات سے تیری ذات تک

There is a very simple and straight forward message which we can learn from a dead leaf and it is that no matter how beautiful we are, no matter how strong we are and no matter how honest we are; strong winds, dry weather & cold nights can break any human being and turn him into a dead/crushed lifeless leaf.

Exotic Library

Sometimes this absurd thought comes in my mind that our brain is just like a big library, where every book carries the frozen moments of our life. Those moments which can make us smile in dark room, which can make us feel alone in shouting crowd, which can give us reasons to live, which can give us reasons to cry. The sad thing is that there are very few people who find a way to our paradoxical and exotic library to read our books, to share our moments, most precious moments.


And again me and this silent night

Dark and deaf as nothing is right

Bulbs of optimism are might be fused

As I am feeling drained and refused

Words with question marks haunt my nights

And meaningless answers disturb my days

Life is much more than a smiling face

I wish my heart could cope with this life’s pace

Faces I have left behind still stares towards me

As I have taken something from them which doesn’t belong to me


After a long time me and this night with sparkling stars were together. I was looking towards them as I am seeing them first time in my life.  Actually I was confused from inside that why they are not looking as they used to look. Their shine on dark night was not attracting me as it used to do. Everything was so quite that I could easily hear my silent screams. But I was trying to be deaf like that deaf night which don’t wanna say anything and don’t wanna hear anything. I was going through strange experience, it was like if you see your favorite photograph after a long time and it looks to you very ordinary & meaningless.  But that deaf night has taught me one lesson and it is that sometime we read stories from empty books, sometime we love the lyrics of an instrumental song, sometime we write poetry on the pages of air, sometime we lives moments which don’t have any existence. I think it’s all about how we perceive the silence of life.

They were two strangers for each other and now they are two strangers for each other but the journey from “were” to “are” is unforgettable, at least for both of them or be may be for one of them. They have never told their story to anyone because they haven’t anything to share. John Keats says “Touch has a memory” but “sigh” they even didn’t have this memory. Senseless, enigmatic, paradoxical, childish (because it was pure), these were all the adjectives they have used for their relationship or maybe I didn’t use the correct word here I should have to say “attachment” instead of “relationship” because I believe relationship is really a big word and we should have to think many times before using it.

The psychology tells to us that we only think about those people who are connected to us through any means and about those people who don’t exist. But here in their case they are strangers but still they used to think about each other. I can’t understand what they have in between, may be they have used those “adjectives” [Senseless, enigmatic, paradoxical] very accurately.

After a long time again I am here, writing something from the abstract portion of my brain. I don’t know what exactly I wanna say today but I will try my best to put my thoughts in easiest words. Suppose there is a broken glass on your floor and you can see the sharp edges of the pieces of that broken glass. Now if you will try to put your barefoot on those pieces of broken glass then what will happen?  I am sure you will hurt your foot in this way.  Now change the scene, there is same broken glass on the floor and you want to put your bare foot on those pieces of broken glass but this time you are convincing yourself that nothing will happen and these small pieces of glass can’t hurt you so if this time you will put your barefoot on these pieces then what will happen?  Would you feel any change or anything less painful than the first time, I guess no, not at all. You know why I have wrote these stupid lines here, because I wanna  let myself know that no matter how strong you think you are and no matter how strong wall you have created around yourself  but the things which are tailored to hurt you will surely hurt you. You can fool yourself for a short period of time but whenever you will look inside,  you will find all the lies which you have told to yourself ,  just to make yourself calm laughing on you.

Silent Words

Why you ignore those silent words; my heart was asking  me

I don’t want to hurt myself; this was my reply to myself

Daily at night I ask many questions to myself

But the answers which I have; I don’t want to tell  me

There is no one who completely knows me

Except my solitude, the darkness of my room and me

Sometimes our eyes become wet with tears because of too much laughing and we call these tears as tears of happiness and sometimes we laugh forcefully so that nobody can see the wetness of our eyes……. How strange we our? For two different extreme conditions we have same picture on our outer wall.

It was heavy raining and they were together, completely wet holding each other’s hands and staring towards me. I was also staring them for a long time; they were playing with each other and enjoying the rain suddenly I noticed that they are coming towards me. I was feeling that I know them very well but still there was a layer of forgetfulness on my mind. They were walking slowly towards me, their eyes were focused on me and I was also staring them without blinking my eyes. Suddenly I noticed that instead of walking now they are running towards me, now their faces were very much clear to me as they were not very far from me. I told myself that I know them; I know them very well because they are my best friends. They came nearer to me and start moving around me I have also noticed one strange thing that the rain has wet everything but still my cloths didn’t have even a drop of water on it. I look towards the sky and I find that it was clear but still the heavy rain was wetting everything except me, I was confused because the sky was clear then from where this rain is coming.  Suddenly those two have whispered something in my ear and I came to know that it was raining inside me and they were my solitude and the darkness of my room.