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Incomplete by Zeeshan Sattar
Incomplete, a photo by Zeeshan Sattar on Flickr.

کبھی فرصتیں جو نصیب ہوں

چلے آنا، میرے پاس تم

ہیں ادھورے کتنے معاملے

میری ذات سے تیری ذات تک


  1. Ah so beautiful – poem and the photo.

    Could you kindly make the font a little bigger? Its too tini-tiny (the urdu font)

    Why dont you blog more often? 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 I think now the font size is looking better 🙂 and as far as this question is concerned that why I dont blog often, the reason is I am so much into flickr nowadays that I completely ignored myblog. But from now onwards I am thinking to synchronize it with my flickr updates.

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