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Exotic Library

Sometimes this absurd thought comes in my mind that our brain is just like a big library, where every book carries the frozen moments of our life. Those moments which can make us smile in dark room, which can make us feel alone in shouting crowd, which can give us reasons to live, which can give us reasons to cry. The sad thing is that there are very few people who find a way to our paradoxical and exotic library to read our books, to share our moments, most precious moments.



  1. Yes, absolutely. The mind is the best and worst library we ever had 🙂

  2. Do they have to find their way or do we have to show them the way? And if they find their way, do we let them in?

    • According to me people who really wanna find a way, they do themselves but for sure sometime they need a little help from us, help can be in form of our patience, support or in form a little light on the right path. We cant force somebody but we can ask them & there is nothing bad in asking I guess.

      And as you said if they find their way then for sure we should have to let them in.

  3. amazing one , really very deep and i know exactly what ur talking about my frnd , i have travelled to Egypt which is the most crowdy city in the middle east , i was surrounded by thousands of people and i felt so lonely , ppl were passing next to me and no body even cared to look and see why i was standing there for more than 30 minutes , i had a person who understood my hidden books without me saying anything or even talking , we might not have any other person like this in our life , but its just sad when u find the right person but in a wrong time , to know what is it to be with a perfect one and then starting to compare everyone to that person.

    Great one my Friend really u touched my soul .

  4. I think we start everyday as a blank page. Accordingly, we eventually write chapters, and in the end leave an unfinished book.

  5. very nice, so true!

  6. This is interesting because I had a long discussion with my instruction about not only my own writing but writing in general. She seems to think that everything I write is like a swan song and that I take it too seriously.

    I am supposed to be writing a reflective essay over this semester’s poetry course and I noted that I can’t very well do that without reflecting about all the things that have inspired me to write the way I do that I entered the class knowing more than I learned. I could very well have taught the course. I’ve been studying poetry for eleven years now.

    Still, she says “you take this too seriously, I think you are reading more into the assignment than you need to.” I responded by saying well–therein lies the passion. What would you have me write–fluff? I explained to her that yes, I do take it seriously. Everything I write is from some part of my life or influenced by someone I knew or cared about, how can I do it any justice if I don’t take it seriously? It isn’t just my life I write about, these are people I cared about who, for the most part, are no longer with me.

    These aren’t poems or books or stories, these are people’s lives I’m talking about here. I owe it to them out of respect to convey them as passionately as I can. Thus, I take the essay very seriously. If the other students want to do just enough to pass the class, that is fine, but me, I am going to write no less than I would write anything else.

    She didn’t reply to that, I think she knows I’m right.

    As writers/poets, this is what we do. It isn’t simply about trying to immortalize ourselves, but to imortolize the people and events of whom we write about. That is my duty, I don’t think of it so much as a duty but owe it to myself as well as to the people who influenced and encouraged me to do what I do as a writer.

    If it wasn’t, then I might as well be makin’ a livin’ changing tires at a gas station. Well, not that I’m making a living at writing but hey…. 😉

    • You know what, people have their opinions and their own perception towards life and towards everything. Sometime a thought or an idea which looks very cerebral to us, it might looks very meaningless to somebody else. And when we talk about writing, I guess it is all about how we feel because usually we write what we feel or in better words how we feel. So it is unlikely that everybody feel like the way we feel. I hope it makes sense

  7. Amazing metaphor and so true.

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