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After a long time me and this night with sparkling stars were together. I was looking towards them as I am seeing them first time in my life.  Actually I was confused from inside that why they are not looking as they used to look. Their shine on dark night was not attracting me as it used to do. Everything was so quite that I could easily hear my silent screams. But I was trying to be deaf like that deaf night which don’t wanna say anything and don’t wanna hear anything. I was going through strange experience, it was like if you see your favorite photograph after a long time and it looks to you very ordinary & meaningless.  But that deaf night has taught me one lesson and it is that sometime we read stories from empty books, sometime we love the lyrics of an instrumental song, sometime we write poetry on the pages of air, sometime we lives moments which don’t have any existence. I think it’s all about how we perceive the silence of life.


  1. I apologize for not being around much, school has me busy. It is good to see that you are still posting.

    As usual I find your philosphies still poignant. I can feel the sadness in this. I know what it’s like to write poetry on air, too well. I like that expression. It’s kind of like writing poetry on the wind, isn’t it?

    This is such a beautiful thought.

  2. Oh, wow. So beautifully sad and true. It’s wonderful.

  3. ohhhh my friend u always leave me speechless.
    i guess its us who make things look extraordinary , stars are only rocks its us who make them look bright and shiny and maybe very beautiful because we have a special memory or shared a moment that include those things, and so everything else .
    i really do hate that feeling which is when something whether its a place or a song or a jacket means the world to you , give u deep feelings with great memories and with time passing you start seeing that thing as a nothing , or maybe you come to a day that u forget why u kept that jacket or why u walked that street… its just life and we are just humans.

  4. silence of life..why is there so much noise in my part of it :/

  5. i believe its all about how you feel from inside the whole world around you looks different. People, things change their shapes with your feelings.

    Things that use to make us happy when no longer cheer us, it means we are not happy from inside …

  6. I had to come back and read this, it’s a favorite. Yes, you should publish these things. You may surprise yourself.

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