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Silent Words

Why you ignore those silent words; my heart was asking  me

I don’t want to hurt myself; this was my reply to myself

Daily at night I ask many questions to myself

But the answers which I have; I don’t want to tell  me

There is no one who completely knows me

Except my solitude, the darkness of my room and me


  1. ooohh that last line is kick ass!

  2. i wish i knew why i m bein pissed off like this.

    ok so your last line was super!
    it just does for me what your entire poem does 😀


  3. Good that you have someone who completely knows you!
    Hey, btw…were you blogging somewhere else before also?

    • This is my first blog which I try to maintain earlier I have one blog but I have never give any attention to it….

      I hope u will find a good time on this blog

  4. Evocative words! Keep them coming! 🙂

  5. This is a wonderfully dark poem. =D You are a talented writer.

  6. Thanks Eme, I really appreciate your comments

  7. excellent. i know exactly how you feel. its to define solitude as loneliness. sometimes i’m not sure how I feel. i love the image you used it just speaks volumes and fits the poem beautifully.

  8. hmm…the darkness of ur room and solitude are your only enemy i would say

  9. of course…i say come out of the darkness :/

  10. So do I. I love it. Thanks!

  11. ::pindrop::
    Awful quiet in here.

  12. Hi, good to see somebody’s comment after a long time on this page.
    I am not writing for a long time and don’t know when I will start writing again.

  13. It’ll come back around; it seems to come in cycles. Hope to see more from you when it does!

  14. excellent perspective, you are very right, nobody knows me better than my own solitude. this is very inspiring in the sense it really forces me to look at and evaluate my own solitude. it’s in these moments of silences that we have, when we have no one to talk to but ourselves that we find our deepest thoughts.

  15. Greetings…

    I love all the m/ pieces you’ve posted…
    This, however, is particularly my favourite… Your way o/ thinking sort o/ reflects mine… Which, honestly, makes me smile…

    This is beautiful.

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