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Sometimes our eyes become wet with tears because of too much laughing and we call these tears as tears of happiness and sometimes we laugh forcefully so that nobody can see the wetness of our eyes……. How strange we our? For two different extreme conditions we have same picture on our outer wall.


  1. I cannot even try to explain this…

  2. i don’t think you don’t have to explain it, it makes perfect sense. an incredibly poignant observation, this is one of those things i wish i had thought of and written. very very nice. and i love the image you used.

  3. Wow! This is beautiful!

  4. A very stimulating read… you have a way of forming words. Nice piece

  5. sometimes i laugh because i don’t want to show you i’m crying. i watched a video about crying this weekend. it was so beautiful. have been doing a lot of both lately. foxglove

  6. sometimes a few lines says a lot and this post has done that !

  7. nice point and great observation. very well said. such irony within this connection between happiness and sadness. i think it only proves further that you cannot have one without the other. the balance of life is thoroughly maintained.

  8. I hate to cry… in front of people. Laughing and smiles can usually cover up embarrassing tears…. but, if/when someone see’s thru the disguise or catches a weak moment and tear falling.. ? watch out! waterworks! It’s like one tear is caught, so then, they all come out into the light. ?? Perhaps… all they really want is to be seen afterall.

    Anyway… yeah.. we ARE strange creatures, aren’t we??

  9. Really beautiful and clever piece of work 🙂

    Short Poems

  10. The ‘apparent’ picture may be same =) But anyone who’ll try reading the meaning of ‘shades’ of colours with which we had painted the picture, will get to the real side. Because while doing such efforts, we ourselves want to run away from us. And at point, only our closed ones see the real side of us and show us the mirror =)

    Yeah our ‘tries’ are innocent YET strange =) Innocent because we think that changing the appearance will change the depth as well:)

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