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It was heavy raining and they were together, completely wet holding each other’s hands and staring towards me. I was also staring them for a long time; they were playing with each other and enjoying the rain suddenly I noticed that they are coming towards me. I was feeling that I know them very well but still there was a layer of forgetfulness on my mind. They were walking slowly towards me, their eyes were focused on me and I was also staring them without blinking my eyes. Suddenly I noticed that instead of walking now they are running towards me, now their faces were very much clear to me as they were not very far from me. I told myself that I know them; I know them very well because they are my best friends. They came nearer to me and start moving around me I have also noticed one strange thing that the rain has wet everything but still my cloths didn’t have even a drop of water on it. I look towards the sky and I find that it was clear but still the heavy rain was wetting everything except me, I was confused because the sky was clear then from where this rain is coming.  Suddenly those two have whispered something in my ear and I came to know that it was raining inside me and they were my solitude and the darkness of my room.


  1. I love the solitude part.. gives me a warm smile.

  2. Wow, this is so dark & moody but so vulnerable as well…

    A beautiful piece of writing

  3. Ahh… why so sad?
    I feel sad too now. 😦

  4. excellent prose. i know exactly how you feel.

  5. Wow. I found that really beautiful, and not sad at all. To me, it was you coming into the realization of your own inner solitude, stillness, which to me is not separate from God, although it does sometimes feel like a lonely place. I loved it.

    • @Molly…. Thanks for the visit to my blog and to understand it for sure…

  6. ufff that gave me goosebumps..and on ur latest post..i wrote ur solitude is ur enemy…is growing inside of you…get rid of it

  7. amazing … i love it , really its so nice

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