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“You say you have no faith?
Love – and faith will come.
You say you are sad?
Love – and joy will come.
You say you are alone?
Love – and you will break out of your solitude.
You say you are in hell?
Love – and you will find yourself in heaven.”

Carlo Carretto, 1910-1988
Italian Philosopher and Christian Youth Leader


  1. the meaning of these words is only known to those who have experienced it.
    It seem to be absurd to love when one lacks joy, faith…but it is really possible!!

    At least when you start giving your love (whihc you think is not there) – it is always there…it comes out somehow…
    this is the amazing truth of life!

  2. I like that quote very much. It says a lot about unconditional love and how love starts with oneself. You have to love yourself before you can love another. Very beautiful and I like your choice of images.

  3. Exceptional words 🙂

  4. @Charles.. Thanks

  5. @Aj… Thanks mate

  6. This is amazing!

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