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Did you ever notice the wind that moves around you?

Did you ever feel the softness of wind that blows around you?

Did you ever think that how much un-noticeable this wind is

Did you ever realize that this wind always stay with you

In good times, in bad times, it is independent of time

Like the water of immortality

Like the life of sun

I just want to tell you, I am in that wind



  1. ahhhh what wonderful means you have to pour yourself.
    i find it blissful 🙂

  2. @Seher… Thanks for liking it

  3. its nice.
    shows the deepness of love !

  4. @Rao.. Thanks for the comment mate

  5. Beautiful!!
    When I was a child, I knew the air and every single thing in it. Including the wind. So intimately, I knew I’d never forget what I knew. I tried to speak of it, but they laughed–they honestly thought I’d made it up. Then they said I’d forget.
    Now I know why.
    I still know the wind, just not as well as I did then, and I can’t always see air now. I guess some magic is just for kids.
    I am yet in that wind though, and I guess you are too.

    • You said absolutely right that some magic is just for kids……..You know why? because their hearts are pure without any guilt and if they love you they love you unconditionally.. but yeah I know sometime KitKat do the job 😀

  6. Yes, and they also don’t know that they’re not supposed to be able to see some things [air?] or do or be or know…
    Til somebody tells them. Then they start to unbelieve…..

  7. gr8:)

  8. soulstirrer–of course. Sometimes though, it is good for us to once more look with the eyes of a child. With wonder.

  9. Beautiful! I can feel it. Thanks, Zeeshan. 🙂

  10. It is not only beautiful…I am a bit surprised – do your really always feel the wind around you? (like described???) I am very curious what do you mean by saying that?

    • its all about how you feel. I mean sometime when you are alone and suddenly a cold wind hit your back and in shot it tells many things which you were just thinking…..Actually in solitude you can experience and feel many strange and beautiful things

  11. To Axinia — Yes. My feelings do feel any sort of touch. Touch of nature, touch of love, touch of mind. No matter what I do, what I feel… when my mind wanders around, I can feel just about anything. It’s beautiful. It’s poetry. It’s not that Zeeshan is in the wind itself but in general, it could be anybody, could be anything. Try walk in a park, close your eyes and feel it, smell it.

  12. thanks to both, Jenn and soulstirrer.
    In fact my question was of a very practical nature – what the poet described so beautifully is soemthing what I feel REALLY, PHYSICALLY every moment of my life.
    The poem stroke me because it is exactly what I know from my spiritual experience of self-realisation (one can feel the cool breeze around the body, especially on top of the head and the hands) -more detalied in my post here:

    may be you too really percept it? 🙂

  13. Just amazing imagery going on here, with the image and your words. Very delicate and profound I really like how you wrote this. It’s loving and longing at the same time. Beautifully bittersweet. I especially like the way you make the point that the wind is independent of time and then contrast it with the infinity of your own desire. You are coming into your own here. This is one of those poems you will be hard pressed to follow up.

    • @Charles… I am glad that you like choice of image. It is really good to hear this from the you because you are master in putting images on your poems

  14. your poems are so full of emotion. Thanks for sharing them…

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