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I still remember that walk which we have never done

I still remember that movie which we haven’t seen

I still remember that colorful night which we have never enjoyed

I still remember that time which has never come

I still believe on those moments which have no existence

Don’t know why?

Don’t know why?


  1. how is that possible? i mean things you havent done but keep imagining…isnt the process painful? why believe in things that have no existence…

  2. @Mubi… my brain sometimes do very strange things and about these things I have no answers but only questions without question mark…

  3. Hi there..

    I like your blog. I like poetry very much.. Did you write all these? Really nice..

    will visit again next time.
    Thanks for dropping by for 2 nights already. 😉

  4. @Jenn,… Yeah most of them are mine otherwise you will find authors name at the bottom of the post. Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. hehe not that strange.,,everyone’s minds wander off…but to such painful realms.. :/

  6. @mubi…. 🙂

  7. your poem is nice,keep it up good luck i like this type of poems

  8. heeeeeeeennnnnnn ?????

  9. I love it.

  10. its like you spoke for me…ilike it

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