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this is how the story
goes ,in and out
one minute u’re there, the
next time runs out
its a figure of speech as
a matter of fact
did u ever really think
about the time you had
its the grain that
falls, every second that
to the minute to the hour
till infinity recalls
its a barricade of twigs
thats really never there
did u ever really think
that time even cares

here’s a little
something that you
really can think about
the time that got left and
time that ran out
keepin in mind what i left behind
my sanity my soul brought
down to a fine line
the pain the shame too late
to quit this game
i can never change….
cuz i’m one of a kind
even if i wanted to i couldnt decide
cuz i never really had
time on my side

Written by

[danish :: xulfi:: ahmed :: fawad]


  1. such celebs have written this?

  2. these lines are from the song “WAQT ” of band EP (Entity Paradigm)

  3. Its a good song. i didnt knew about it. đŸ™‚

  4. i heard the album again and i know where that came from..
    andheron mein bhee ik roshnee thee us roshnee mein ghar jalta raha

    tau dil mera roye to kia waqt iradon ko torey to kia manzil ko apnee payen gai hum
    waqt ko apna banayen gai hum :D:D

    love em!

  5. @Seher…Yup you are right

  6. @Ahmer,,, Download and listen đŸ˜€

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