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When love cherish your heart

Poetry comes as it was your soul’s part

The words, the sentences spread their scent

In all directions no matter where you stand

This is surely your love sweetheart which made this change

Otherwise me and this poetry couldn’t be engaged

My heart wants to hug, my body wants to fly

This is surely your love which has spread the love on my sky

Written on September 11, 08


  1. fantabulous bhaai 🙂

  2. wah!

  3. @Seher, Jia… Thanks

  4. not a bad attempt from a non poetic poet :p

  5. I really like your last line, reminds me of one of mine. That there is not enough sky to hold your heart. I am giggling at Nubi’s comment saying you’re a “no-poetic poet” hm…. reminds me of a quote. Always be a poet, even in prose. ~Charles Baudelaire, “My Heart Laid Bare,” Intimate Journals, 1864 There is another quote I heard once about prose and poetry by a Greek philosopher… I only wish I could remember what it was now, but it encourages me to write more prose even though I rather to write those little succulent poems that I do. I rarely write over 10 lines unless I am writing a children’s poem I’ve just honed my brevity, I usually start with the last line and title it then fill in the imagery. Much like writing a small book.

    I think it’s a wonderful poem you have here. The woman of whom you have written it for should be flattered.

  6. @ Chalres.. Thanks for the beautiful comment.

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