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Is it possible? ——->  this is a very common question we used to hear every where. I have heard many different answers of this question, usually this question becomes complex according to its surroundings and situation. After observing each answer in detail I have came with conclusion that every thing which can be come in your mind is possible. Like if you can think that you can fly then I am sure you can, may be not now but after sometime science will do it for you.  If you think that you can travel miles of distance in seconds then again I am sure you can.

God has given us brain to think, to innovate, to search, to do…….every thing which can hit your mind is possible because I believe this brain is a perfect machine and its creator is also the only PERFECT so how can a perfect machine of PERFECT creator will give you junk data……….


  1. yep, it is the endless quest of attaining ‘possibility’ that keeps us going 🙂

  2. yes,there are scholars in this subject of metaphysics,some call it ‘conscious creation’,
    you can get books on this subject,Yale has a library section about it !

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