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We have used these words many times in our life but I think most of us cant explain the difference between them. Passion and Obsession both sounds same but wait a minute  they are not same in their meaning.

There is a slight line between Passion and Obsession and if we ignore it believe me this simple mistake can lead us to destruction. I try to explain this difference in my style. Actually my passion for something is my power to do the best in the area in which I feel “this is the thing I wanna do for years” but if we lost ourselves somewhere because of this small word “Passion” a new thing emerge in our life which we call “obsession”.

It is always good to passionate about something but if you are obsessed then my dear you are going in very wrong way. You should have to be in control of your mind all the time and in all the circumstances no matter what is happening around you.  If you are in control of your mind you can certainly distinguish between “”Passion and obsession”.

For example:  My career is my passion but if because of this career I forget about the people I Love then this is my obsession about my career.


  1. well the main difference is that passion sticks with a person for a long time… usually for a lifetime,
    whereas obsessions don’t last that long and if they do, they usually end up being more harmful than healthy for a person.

    I like your philosophical approach 🙂

    • Thanks

  2. well said,it just like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder),diffrentiation is important,balance is the key of happy life.

  3. i think i suffer from the OCD … i need a doc.. fast!

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