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This six character word “regret”, I don’t know why somebody has created it becoz it has no use at all in our lives or anywhere else. I haven’t found this word in my life’s dictionary and I don’t wanna see it (Thanks to GOD) .  The people who use it more often just ruined their lives for nothing. Actually we have to realize that what we have done in past were the best we could do in those circumstances so what is the need to use this “regret”.

Its my own opinion that if we just delete this word from our dictionary our life become much joyful.


  1. Regret is the realm beyond which lies the capacity of an average human to appreciate and be grateful for the Right things in his life.

  2. Well, I am glad that you have no regrets but we are all bound to do something in life that we “regret” afterward. Regret isn’t necessarily a bad thing: one learns alot. We will never learn how to drive properly on a smooth road. We need to fall in order to learn how to walk properly. We need to regret in order to avoid the pain later and learn more.

  3. @ Raaji ……”We need to regret in order to avoid the pain later and learn more.”

    I give respect to your opinion but i think there should be no need of regret in order to avoid the pain in fact this will increase the thought of failure.

  4. I agree. I don’t like the word regret. I don’t regret anything i’ve done. I might have not have made the right choice, but for me, at the time I thought it was and was the best I could do. A person cann’t live with regrets and they don’t have to have regrets in order succeed or apprieciate things. Regret is a useless word that describes useless feelings, nothing ever good comes from it.

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