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I have listen these words about me few times that “Zeeshan you are selfish” but I dont know the reason why they think like this. May be because after God I love my self most  and you know my friends why ? because this is the reason of my happiness in my life, I really dont care about anything if it try to hurt me but it doesnt mean that I dont care about my closed ones. I really give them respect and they are very precious to me. Sometime people get amazed to see me smiling on the incidents on which I should have to be in gr8 shock. Actually I cant show my weaker face in front of anybody and why I should supposed to show my weaker part huh.

If I am selfish because “I am what I am” and I always show what I am and I dont hide my self behind anything than I am a proud selfish.



  1. are we not all selfish? and y shudnt we be?
    at least i wasnt some time ago.. but thanks to the awakening… me is the first and me is the last…
    what comes in between depends.

  2. @Seher “me is the first and me is the last…
    what comes in between depends.”

    Yeah absolutely right…………

  3. i think every1 has its own different thinking. so i feel ‘vn u live life 4 others its more enjoyable’. there r some people vich r more dearer 2 me then myself and i m happy with that………………………………………

  4. I see your point here, but if your actions are going to hurt people, they will think that you are selfish. In the real world, intentions seldom matter, its the actions that make up our opinions about people 🙂

  5. According to my opinion i am against this selfishness. Basically selfishness means you are your own but not for others.And you dam care about anything other than you.Your every act has a benefit and an advantage of only your own behind it.These type of people live their own life.

    So the thing is that we should at least try to consider the people around you not for the sake of any benefit but just for an act of humanity.And I think we can hardly find the some people who live for others………

  6. That’s the things in between…it’s called life.
    We have to love ourselves first in order to love others and yes everyone is selfish, but that’s human nature.
    But as we grow older human nature changes, that’s life.

  7. not really.. m shocked k loag u ko esa kehty heen.. if they feel like dat then let them think hehehehe

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