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Monthly Archives: January 2009



“Life is only complicated if you make it that way.” Sarah Mize

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”John F. Kennedy

“More than anything else, I believe it’s our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny.”
Anthony Robbins

“we come to beginnings only at the end.”
William Bridges.


This six character word “regret”, I don’t know why somebody has created it becoz it has no use at all in our lives or anywhere else. I haven’t found this word in my life’s dictionary and I don’t wanna see it (Thanks to GOD) .  The people who use it more often just ruined their lives for nothing. Actually we have to realize that what we have done in past were the best we could do in those circumstances so what is the need to use this “regret”.

Its my own opinion that if we just delete this word from our dictionary our life become much joyful.

I have listen these words about me few times that “Zeeshan you are selfish” but I dont know the reason why they think like this. May be because after God I love my self most  and you know my friends why ? because this is the reason of my happiness in my life, I really dont care about anything if it try to hurt me but it doesnt mean that I dont care about my closed ones. I really give them respect and they are very precious to me. Sometime people get amazed to see me smiling on the incidents on which I should have to be in gr8 shock. Actually I cant show my weaker face in front of anybody and why I should supposed to show my weaker part huh.

If I am selfish because “I am what I am” and I always show what I am and I dont hide my self behind anything than I am a proud selfish.

  • First and the most important thing love your own soul.
  • Before making any decision think about the issue and situation thoroughly and once you have made a decision then never change it. If you will change your decisions you will lose the power to make a strong decision and this is not a good sign for a successful living.
  • Make commitments to yourself and try to be committed with yourself.
  • Life is not a very easy game therefore you should have to be much strong player to play it successfully. In this whole game your heart will be on driving seat and it is a natural thing but makes sure that you have a very strong brain and it has all power controls of your soul.
  • Never show your weaknesses to others. If something hit your heart strongly and you want to cry with tears, in this case cry and wet your eyes with tears enough but not in front of anybody. No matter your friend is too close to yourself but he/she can’t feel the pain of your tears so try to be a strong person and shed your tears just on your own cheeks rather than on somebody’s shoulder. And when you feel that you have shed enough tears try to share the incident with your closed ones to get some stress out.

After a long time moving here and there in different blogging websites and reading Blogs of my friends I have finally came to this conclusion that I have to start my own (very own) Blog. Earlier I have started some but except one, remaining ones didn’t get my proper attention. I hope that this wordpress life will not bore me soon 🙂 so In sha Allah I will try to decrypt my mind on this page.

Zee b&w